I found smashusmle through google search, looking for a program to review everything for boards. I tried kaplan and Uworld and did not pass. One of the major challenges i had, I have been a type 1 diabetic all my life but during third year, I started having issues with diabetic retinopathy which affected my board scores. I failed Step 2 Ck on my first attempt. I took advantages of the lectures and they are very information. Dr. Adesina is very good presenter. Smashusmle was well organized and overall gave me guidelines to make sure I got everything I was studying. Smashusmle also provided me additional guidelines for preparing. Most organization in the USMLE space you cannot reach anyone but Dr. Adesina really adds a personal touch which you do not find in other program such as kaplan. After taking Smashusmle, my usmle score jumped 40 points! I strongly recommend Smashusmle reviews to everyone preparing for boards!