Amazing program. It has been very helpful in providing the structure that I need, while allowing for flexibility and self-pacing. I love having access to the video-library and other resources provided both via the Self-paced Lifetime membership and the Masterclasses. Having a personal USMLE coach that can guide and tutor me via Skype sessions is also extremely helpful, and i’m grateful for the support. Also participating in the SmartMD WhatsApp group helps us review/discuss clinical vignettes and ask questions while networking and sharing study tips etc. It’s helpful via this group chat to have direct access to Dr. Adesina and his team amongst other student doctors at varying levels of training. We’re encouraged not just to pick an answer, but also support why we rule in and or rule out diagnoses. I appreciate Dr. Adesina and his team for developing this program in a way that’s personalized to meet our needs.