Why You Should Join the 4-week live hybrid Masterclass

The 4-week live hybrid USMLE Masterclass Rapid review course is not your typical USMLE class. The lectures are created using a question and answer format with clinical vignettes from most commonly tested USMLE topics.

Dr. Adesina breaks down each topics by reviewing anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pathophysiology, clinical presentations of diseases and mechanism of action of drugs with clinical management of disease processes just like the way practicing doctor learn medicine.

You will learn from real world clinical scenarios as Dr. Adesina integrates his patient’s care experience into his USMLE Masterclasses and give you a different perspective on how to learn medicine.

You will also learn fantastic mnemonics that allow you to remember concepts in your long term memory.

Dr. Adesina’s Masterclass are not boring lectures like your medical school class, discover a new world of learning and increase your medical knowledge to 10x!

Watch this Hematology Sample Masterclass