Day 1 of 5: How to Answer any USMLE Question with EASE

Hey 🙂

Today we covered How to Answer any USMLE questions secret study strategy and learned about using the EASE method to answer USMLE questions.

It is very important that you take your time and do the test in a quiet environment with no distractions.

After you finish the test, take a screenshot of your score and send it via text to 979-356-3777 with the word “USMLE Challenge Day 1“.

You will only get the link for Day 2 of the challenge is by sending a screenshot of your score to the number above. Tomorrow we are going to break down one of the most important topics on the USMLE – Cardiology Masterclass.

By the end of the challenge, I will give you a breakdown of your weak topics so you can work on them before you take your USMLE exam. 

P.S: The ONLY way to receive all the FREE BONUSES that I offer by the end of every day on this challenge is by actually completing this challenge and getting to day 5